Mind, body, and soul transformation

Pain versus Misery

..Pain is unavoidable…misery is optional…

Think about that for a minute. We cannot go through our lives avoiding pain, but whether or not we turn that pain into misery is completely our own decision. The misery allows us to share our story and seek comfort from others. It allows us to ‘live’ in that place and allows it to affect and control our lives. Who wants to live in misery??

But what if we took that pain..and decided it was NOT going to affect the rest of our lives? What if we said..ok..this was a bad situation..it hurt..it was unavoidable pain..but I’m NOT going to let it affect the rest of my life?  What if we choose to not live in the pain but to compartmentalize it and move on?

There is nothing that will keep you in a mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical rut longer than allowing yourself to wallow in misery. Let me be honest with you. You’re making everyone around you miserable too. Is that what you want to do? Why shun the people who are trying to help you out of the rut by telling them they just don’t understand? Maybe they do and it’s actually you who doesn’t understand.

Today is January 1, 2012. The start of a new year. The past is past. Look forward to this new year and imagine how much happier you could be if you could just let go of your misery. Stop nursing it. Put your big boy or girl undies on and move forward. Don’t let the pain define who you are…or who you want to be.

Step up and face 2012 with a new attitude, more hope, less stress, more faith, more love and embrace your family and friends and tell them you’re so sorry that  you’ve drug them down into that miserable rut with you. 

As I am typing this and gaze out my window..the sun is shining so beautifully. God has blessed me and you with another day upon this earth. Let go of the pain and step out into His light.



Challenge yourself for 2012!

At my fitness support site. BFLSpirit, we annually host a 2012 New Year challenge. This year we are doing a ‘Get The Point’ challenge. Each participant will compete for points based on food, exercise, water intake etc. Since point tracking can be intimidating and sometimes complicated we have made it as easy as possible with a tracking system that is easy to handle with mostly yes/no answering for the daily accountability.

If you’re looking for a way to get back on track for 2012 and take charge of your health again, this is a great opportunity to join a group of very supportive folks! Our online site is very active every day with lots of knowledgeable folks offering support and advice.

No more excuses…it’s time to take charge of your health, your happiness, and your life.



Please visit my website, http://www.bflspirit.com, for more information on the challenge.


I can’t help you!

I’m sorry…I can’t help you.

I can’t make you love yourself. I can’t make you face your inner demons which drive your need to eat. I can’t make you care about your health. I can’t make you value your good health for the benefit of longevity with your family. I can’t teach you how to work through pain. I can’t fix your work schedule so you have time to workout. I can’t help you juggle your responsibilities. I can’t make you stop feeling sorry for yourself.  I can’t smack you and wake you up from this version of reality you choose to live in. I can’t make you push yourself outside your comfort zone.  I can’t get rid of the embarassment or humiliation you may feel from repeated attempts to stay on track.  I can’t change the reflection you see when you look in the mirror.

Only you can….

Your life is waiting…cut the crap and get busy!

disclaimer – I’ve been looking for this post for ages..found it this morning while cleaning my office. I cannot give credit to the original writer because it is not given. Rest assured – read this and find your warrior.

You are not me: I am Warrior

Those who have achieved great success have stated that it’s lonely at the top. that may be true, but it sure feels lonely on the road that will take me there, as well. If loneliness is what I must endure to breathe my dreams to life, then so be it.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I wonder who am I and what am I becoming. My life is consumed with living for this dream. My dream is to achieve a mind and body that will separate me from the rest of humanity. I am not like the rest. Everyone seems to think that I am obsessed or too fanatical in my pursuits. They can think whatever they like. They are not me: I am Warrior.

It has been stated that the definition of a warrior is one who engages in conflict, struggle or warfare. I plead guilty to all of the above with pleasure and with no apologies. This is a war. This is MY WAR!  It is a war where retreat is not an option and surrender will never take place.

I never retreat, nor will I ever surrender. When my body is too weak to fight, my mind pushes me beyond my physical limitations. And then, when my mind is too numb from the battle, my body takes over and carries me to another victory. When I feel surrounded by temptations and mumblings of envy, I raise my head high and I smile, because I am unshakable!

In this war my enemies come in all shapes and sizes. My body is my temple yet the unhealthy foods call me to surrender. My body thrives as I train, yet it beckons me to stop and rest — even when I don’t want too. My mind sees and feels the birth of my new body, and yet it also whispers words of negativity. I pursued my enemies and I overtook them. I did not turn back till they were destroyed. I crushed them so that they could not rise; they fell beneath my feet(Psalm 18:37-38). Backup, back off or I will roll right over you!

With every bite of clean food I put into my mouth, my body becomes more alive. With each and every rep and set I complete, my muscles scream back to me with earth-shaking power, “YOU ARE WARRIOR!” I am warrior and live to feed this dream with my life’s blood. I do have a war inside of me and it will never cease until I breathe my last breath. One day I will find my last breath with a dumbbell in one hand and protein in the other.

All those around me question my intentions and they even question my daily decisions. But they can’t slow me down, nor can they kill my dreams. They ask questions of me not to seek answers but to challenge my lifestyle. They ask, “Why are you doing this?” My answer to them, “You are not me: I am Warrior.”

Yes I confess, there are times when I feel that I want to quit. But I know better than to let my feelings direct my dreams. I am warrior and I will cause my motion to dictate my e-motion. While the fire may grow dim at times it will never burn out nor will it ever fade away. My dreams can’t be faded, neither can I.

It is the war within me that drives me through every workout, every clean meal and every confident thought. The meditations of my mind are endlessly empowering and they speak victory to me. I look at the foods that seek to rob my body of its beauty and I say “you lose”. I look at the weights and barbells that seek to conquer me and I say “you lose”. I am unshakable. I am warrior.

I put nothing and no one before my dreams except God. And it is He, the Lord, who gives my dreams life, breath and flight. Therefore, I run with passion towards what is rightfully mine. What the Lord gives me, no one can take away.  I am warrior.

Can you afford it?

Can you afford to continue to ignore your health?

Can you afford to keep ignoring your waistline and lack of energy?

Can you afford to keep burying your head in the sand on issues in your life?

Can you afford to NOT be around for your spouse, children or grandchildren?

Can you afford to keep ignoring the person looking back at you in the mirror?

Can you afford to keep hiding?

I think not.

Time to wise-up, open-up, step-up, face-up, own-up, suck it up and get up!

The last annual TN Body-for-Life Champion’s Weekend is in 13 days!  Can you really afford NOT to attend?

There are still hotel rooms and VIP tickets available. Call today and take charge of your life again!


Palm or Fist Method

If you’re been around someone who is endeavoring on a fitness program, especially Body-for-Life, you have heard of the palm/fist method. Protein serving size the size of your paln(minus fingers) and carbs the size of your fist. Pretty standard and a great tool that is always on hand(LOL) to help with that portion size.

But let me ask you this.

Do you face the day with a palm or a fist?

Are you opening your day with palms open and with  willingness to accept what comes…or do you shake your fist in anger determined to fight change or the circumstances of your life?

Puts a new spin on the palm/fist method doesn’t it?

How do you face your day?  Think about it..



The Facts of Life

‘There is no normal life..just life.’   Quote from Doc Holiday in my favorite movie Tombstone.

Seems that we all seek some kind of ‘normalcy’ in our lives. We like structure. We like knowing what will happen and being able to predict an outcome. This is why when ‘life’ happens that we are so thrown for a loop. Suddenly our sense of normalcy has been messed up six ways from Sunday and our routine & life is completely out of whack.

Really wouldn’t life be so much easier if we accept a few simple facts? Here are a few things that I’ve learned along my own personal journey….

1) Life happens – just when you think everything is fine..something will happen. Accept this rather than fight it. There is no changing it. Stuff happens.

2) You can’t change people – no matter what you do, how much money you spend, how much you want them to change or show them how to change..if THEY don’t want to change you are completely wasting your time. So in this type situation you have a couple of choices as I see it. You can accept the person for who they are and love them where the are. You can also choose to limit your time with these folks if their behaviour or circumstances only cause you stress. Recognizing and pulling yourself out of co-dependant behaviour will give you a bit more peace in life.

3) The only thing that is constant is change – a common theme on motivational posters – being able to adapt to change is key to being able to roll with life(see #1). Letting circumstances beyond your control deeply affect you is you giving your power away to a situation. Why would you want to do that? Keep that power to yourself and focus instead on controlling how you respond to change.

4) Be kind to others – this is simple – be kind – enough said.

5) Get over yourself – the world does not revolve around your wants and needs. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. Try shifting your perspective around and see if  the circumstance doesn’t look a little bit different from the other side.

6) Don’t judge others – when you look at others and their circumstances remember that you don’t know the whole story.  Nobody wants to feel judged and outcast by others.

7) Love others as yourself – your life will be a lot more full of love if you spend time loving others – it’s a reap what you sow concept. Give unconditionally. Love unconditionally. Help unconditionally.

8 ) Seek forgiveness and give forgiveness freely – to what end do you carry around that grudge baggage?  The only thing that comes out of that is a lot of wasted time and energy and sore shoulders. If you made a mistake ask forgiveness. It takes just as big a person to ask forgiveness as it does to grant forgiveness.

I don’t presume to have all of life figured out….but what I have figured out as mentioned above has helped me grow as a person, a mother, a wife, and a friend.  I continue to learn new things all the time. Yet I still fail sometimes too…but I strive to be a better person every day. I want the dash on my tombstone to reflect a life well-lived and well-loved. 

I know this probably sounds very preachy..but it’s my blog and I can do that here.  🙂